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All spots of an event are full?

Don't cry! Write to us and we will add you to the waiting list. As soon as a spot is free, we will inform people in turn. So the sooner you send an email, the more chance you have to join.

Something we could improve on our hikes or wishes for the upcoming events?

Just let us know! We are very open for new activities and like having diverse ideas!

Any questions regarding our past hikes?

You checked out our Gallery and saw some places you want to visit on your own? Ask us! We can give you advices about the organization, which includes the public transport connections and, the detailed hiking trail and the main sights you should not miss Usually we can even provide you a map of the route that we have gone. =)

Any advices for our recently created website?

We have already spend a lot of effort for building this website. Nevertheless, please let us know if you see any chances to improve it!

You want your own text or photo to be added to our website?

We would appreciate to be able to share your content on our website! When you check our Gallery , f.e. the Speedhiking and you think some event's experience should be mentioned, it would be great to send us the text by contact form or the photos by mail. Please don't forget to add the name or date of the event.

It is easier than you can imagine! Just follow our short (!) guideline and then contact us to talk about it together

How to contact us?

  • The form right in this page: It is the easiest for us to track you

  • E-mail: you can reach us using

  • Instagram: write to us on hiking.jena. Besides you will be informed about our future hikes and the stories and lives during the hikes

In case you want to write a personal message to one of the main organizers, you can find our contact details here.

  • You can also join our Facebook group since all photos are usually posted there. Besides that, the WhatsApp group is for people who prefer getting informed about our events over there.

Hope to meet you in the future and have some nice time together.

Andreas, Ashish, Sevinc, and Reza