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Speedhiking 2.0 - find your hiking partner

© Photo of romantic Roman taken by Pikki on 21.11.2020

We had a nice experience with Speedhiking 1.0 which we found it a Corona-friendly activity and at the same time adventurous and fun. However, we faced some problems, so we changed many things for the second version.

Why we made these changes?

  1. The whole process will not be completely random allocation anymore and you will participate in the process. So it will be more fun.

  2. Also there might be similar interests or character traits in the matching.

  3. The registration would require more effort than before (in a fun way), which means only serious people who really want to participate will register and we will have more real people.

Important notes

  • You do not have to go with your assigned partner for a real hike. If you like you can go just for a short walk next to the river in the park.

  • You need to follow all Corona rules. Additionally:

    • Do not have physical contact like shaking hands and hugging

    • Do not share food

    • Do not exchange phones for taking photos

    • Take social distance or use a face mask if you cannot do it.

We do not accept any responsibility if you are ignorant. So be socially responsible please.

  • All the data you fill in this form will be kept with us safely and will be deleted after 3 weeks. We will not abuse it.

☼☼ Hope to see some of you soon. ☼☼

Your Hiking-Jena-Team

How does it work?

Initial registration

You need to fill the form and give us your basic information. Besides that:

  • You need to answer to some questions as a small quiz. Why? because We will get to know more about you and in the urgent cases, we can help you to find better partners

  • You need to choose a four digit number and a sentence to impress. Please check before which numbers are already used under "Already registered people" and take a new one! All this info will be shown immediately in the table on the website.

IMPORTANT: You can change your sentence and response anytime later, so do not be so picky and register and if you got a better idea later, just change it.

Deadline for registration: Wednesday 25.11.2020 at 23:59:59

Choose your partner yourself

On Thursday 26.11.2020, you need to check the list of registered people and tell how you are impressed by people's sentences.

You need to choose for each person one of these options:

  1. You do not like to that person --> It is for your own reason, we won`t share it with anyone

  2. You do not mind to join --> If you are matched with this person, you would not mind to join him/her

  3. You really like to join --> You are really impressed by this person and want to join him/her

This will help us to match people better based on their interests. The results will be safe with us and we will not share it with anyone, even ourselves. We have developed a data processing system which will tell us the final results.

Deadline for second registration: Thursday 26.11.2020 at 20:00:00

Get the results and make appointment

According to your choices, we will inform you on Thursday evening with whom you have matched. We will consider who you choose and if you and your chosen partner have same interests (from the quiz). We will match the people who fit the most. If not possible, then we use our old-fashioned random allocation. Important: We will start matching from people who did the second round of registration.

Afterwards, you will be introduced to your partner and you can make an appointment.

When you take nice photos on the hiking trail you have chosen, it would be nice when you upload the photos to the Facebook event.

Summary from the Registered People

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Hiking partners after random allocation and based on your preferences

Important NOTES

  • Unfortunately some people were too picky (not pikki) and we could not find a partner for everyone. If you do not see your name here, it means you do not have any partner. This is because all the people you chose you like to join, they were already paired up with someone else. We did our best to make as many couples as possible based on your preferences and also random allocation. It is really impossible to make everyone happy. Sorry and hopefully next week! We have some ideas to solve this problem. :(

  • Last week we made a private WhatsApp group for each group which was a very time-consuming process. We will find soon a solution for that. But this week, we make it simpler for us. If you do not have the telephone number of your partner, just contact us (Reza, Ashish, or Andreas) and we will share the number with you.

  • Please do take photos of you and your partner and share it somehow with us. We like to have our Gallery complete, and for that we need your help because our photographers are not with you.