The group started on February 2017 as a small Facebook group. At the beginning, we were organizing hikes with small group of people. We used other platforms to promote our group and we had sometimes people joining us from other cities like Weimar and Erfurt.

From Summer 2017, Sevinc joined the organizing team and she organized many beautiful hike to lakes, hills, and other places. Our group continued its events during autumn and winter with shorter hikes and cozier groups.

In 2017, we organized 34 hikes and events. To see more photos and details from the previous events check our Gallery.

It started with a beautiful hike to the Leuchtenburg Castle with a lot of cool people. Most of our winter events took place in the evening, where we used our torches to see the way. Almost after every hike, we enjoyed a nice company of drinking or eating in a restaurant.

In summer, we had two boating trips and a special event for harvesting mushroom in the forest. We had Andreas as the new member of our organization team and he helped us a lot with the organizational issues.

In 2018, we had in total 27 hikes and events and each month there was at least an event. To see more photos and details from the previous events check our Gallery.

The year started with a lot of snow, which allowed us to have some nice related events like skiing in Oberhof and snowy hike with making snowman. In summer, we tried to cover many lakes and dames in Thuringia with boating and swimming. And from October, our group became very popular among new students and we had many crowded events.

In 2019, we organized totally 34 events in Jena and other parts of Thuringia. We had also a trip to Sächsische Schweiz out of Thuringia and close to Dresden.

To see more photos and details from the previous events check our Gallery.

We had our regular beautiful events in the winter until the Corona-lockdown started. We had to pause our events for three months until end of June. Then Ashish joined our organization team as a new organizer. Hence, the number of our events increased surprisingly.

This year we organized some special events like a “50 km hike around Jena” on the German Unity Day, cleaning events, and occasional events for international women’s day and Halloween. The hiking trips had to be stopped again from the beginning of November due to the second public lockdown. So we started some pandemic-friendly activities such as the Speedhikings and a photo competition. All in all we organized 46 hiking trips and other outdoor activities in 2020. To see more photos and details from the previous events check our Gallery and our Summary of 2020.

This year started with the a lot of snow and the lockdown continued. So we had a lot of motivatian to go out with only one partner or alone. For example we had something totally new called Hiking-Challenge.

From the beginning of June we could finally continue with group hikes since it was allowed following the pandemic regulations. So Saturday and Sunday we had a different hiking trip!

Places we have visited

On this interactive map, you can find the places we have already visited. By clicking on each place, you can find when we where there and then you can go and check the images.