Our Projects

Wanna go on a hike and no one is joining you because everyone is lazy? Here you can write your plan which can also be another outdoor activity! E.g. jogging, cycling or playing table tennis. If you do not know where to hike, but you want to plan something to meet new people, we recommend you our Sightseeing-Part. Also you can just join any plan that is mentioned in the HPP by contacting the organizer. Our main platform is in Telegram, where you can write your plan with some details so interested people can join you.

Why Telegram?

Comparing to other messengers, we found Telegram the best option for our platform because of the following reasons:

  • Telegram is a super secure platform which provides highly secure and event secret chats. Telegram claims if you manage to show it is not secure, you can get a prize up to 300,000 Dollars.

  • In Telegram, you do not need to share your telephone number to chat with other people. The only thing you need to share is your ID.

  • Comparing to other platforms, Telegram gives a lot of tools like polls, bots, ... which makes the life easier.

What if I do not like to install Telegram?

We highly recommend you to install Telegram, because people will be notified immediately about your plans and that makes the process of finding partners easier. But if you are still not convinced, you can just see the plans by clicking on "Check all Organized Events".