German Corner with Natives

"Learning a language is most fun when you do it with a nice company!" - Andreas-

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Here you see some impressions and you can read here what we did so far. [click]

Our Idea is simple: German practice, Chit-chat and gaming [🇩🇪]

Since November 2021 we have started a new project idea for everyone who wants to improve their German.

👩‍🏫 For that we gather in the University, International Centrum or in a cozy café.

🃏 We practice some German in a relaxed atmosphere, by talking and playing simple games like:

  • Tabu (explaining Words by avoiding others)

  • Drawing and Guessing Expressions

  • pantomimes and Guessing

  • Quizzes

Please bring your own games related to learning German if you have one.

💬 Usually we also discuss about a certain topic in pairs of two.


  • minumum level A2!

  • be on time!

  • bring pens and papers

Wanna organize it?

If you have good German skills and want to organize the Project once, just contact us:

You will gain a lot of experience for planning a structured lesson and have fun with educated people at the same time. We will give you advices and share our experiences. Also we provide the room for you.


✔️ Registration

  • use Jena Dude -> Register for Events

  • For people without Telegram click here

⚠️ Join only if your name is not in the waiting list!

⚠️ 2G will be checked as current corona rules.

Who registered?

In case you cannot see the list above, it is because of heavy traffic and high number of visitors. Please be patient and check it later. However be sure that registrations will be in order and if you have filled the form once, it is indeed sufficient.


Since November 2021 we have the German-Language-Project that has become very famous. Here you see the stories that happend each Thursday.