Salsa with Paulina

"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them" - Paulina -

✨Welcome to our space dedicated to the expression of the body soul and heart, in here we believe in "dancing to express, not to impress" that's why it doesn't matter if you stumble, if you mix the steps or if you forget the choreography, the idea is for you to have fun, to learn how to feel the music with your body and to enjoy and share together, under the friendly environment of the Hiking Jena Group.

Our salsa lessons have been more popular than expected and we couldn't be happier🥳

Here are some impressions of what happend so far. [Gallery]

As we don't wanna stop the dancing 💃 and we're pretty sure you don't want that either, we will move the class to a cozier, warmer place for the rest of the autumn and winter season; this involves a series of important changes.

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Group division

As the max number of attendees is limited to 20, class will be divided into two groups, one after another:

➡️ First class is beginner friendly this is your place if you haven't danced before, or if you know some steps; we'll focus on teaching the basics and some easy figures.

➡️The following is intermediate friendly, where people who's been attending our classes regularly -or already master the basic figures and can handle more complicated steps- belong.

✳️Please select the correct level for you, it will make things way easier for us ☺️

❗️If you registered but are not going to attend the class, please LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, this way we give opportunity to someone else to take the class.

❗️Please only register for one of the two levels each day! The spots are very popular.

Next sessions (till Christmas)

  • Friday, 03 Dec. 2021

  • Tuesday, 07 Dec. 2021