Route 11

Route 11: Good Morning Ashish

Starting point: Jenertal

Visiting points:

End point: Wöllnitz

Hiking Length: 10.53 km

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[Ashish]: This route mostly covered Saale Horizontale, with a many Scenic view and it will suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert hikers.

[Coxca]: Amazing view with snow

[Eldho]: Very scenic hiking route. Passes through a lot of different geographical formations.

[Raihan]: Great track for winter hike with a great view of the city.

[Ashish]: If, you are passionate Hiker and looking for a nice route which passes through hills, Spring and villages. i would highly recommend this route to you.

[Andreas]: I take this route regualary since I live at Kernberge. It has exciting ways along the cliffs and Fürstenbrunnen water can be used to refresh yourself.