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Here are the current available routes on our website. For seeing more details about the route, click on the name of the route, or go and visit the page of the visiting points

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Also take part on our hiking challange to complete as many routes as you can, of routes no 1 - 20.

Route 13: October Tour

visiting Papiermühle, Perückensträucher, Cospeda, and Napoléonstein

Route 15: Scary Tour

visiting Ponds, Soviet Barracks, Coppanz, and Ammerbach

Route 17: Exciting Kernberg Tour

visiting Teufelslöcher, mittlere Kernberghorizontale, Haeckel-Bank, Funkturm, Kupferplatte

Route 18: Lazy Lobeda

visiting Göschwitz, Highway Bridge, Church of Maua, Roda River, Rabenschüssel

Route 19: Romantic Roman

visiting Kunitz, Laasan, Kunitzburg, Beutnitz, Golmsdorf

Route 20: Adventurous Andreas

visiting Golmsdorf, Beutnitz, Sternwarte, Tautenburg, Hohe Lehde

Route 27: Luther's Gorge

visiting Drachenschlucht and Wartburg Castle

Route 33: Hunting Facilities Tour

visiting Hummelshain Castle and Jagdanlage Rieseneck

Route 34: Hydro Plant Tour

visiting Mühlenwerke Camburg, Döbritschen, Wasserkraftwerk Döbritschen and Wild Garlic