Other Attractions in Jena

Besides Highlights in Jena, there are many beautiful points and memorials in the hills around Jena, and each of them has its own beauty. Here is a list of some of them which is definitely not all of them. By clicking on each of them, a page with more detailed information as well as some hiking routes to that point is suggested.

If you want to add your favorite visiting point around Jena, or you know a beautiful route which passes through one of these points, feel free to share it with us that we register it in our list with your own name.


Memorial about first WW


a tiny gorge


The figure from Goethe poetry


Natural drinkable water fountain

Kunitzer Hausbrücke

The only house bridge on the whole Saale


An antique hotel from 13th century


colourful bushes near Jena West


a beautiful tree in Kernberge

Soviet Barracks

A lost place


a castle ruin north of Jena

Waterfall and Burschenplatz

shelter to take a rest at the stream