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Hiking to Kunitzburg and Grilling

Organized by Ashish Senger

֎֍ Description:֎֍

"Hello Hikers,

On Sunday, I would like to organize a hike from Jena Zwätzen to Kunitzburg and ended up somewhere close to Saale.

It is going to be 10 kms hike and after we will keep grill next to Saale and play some games and boating.

Those who are interested in Grilling please bring your meat/Cheese/Veggies with you. We will provide you grill and coals.

We will meet at Löbdergraben and will take tram in the direction Jena Zwätzen and start our hike from there.

See you on Sunday. :)"

In case you have any questions, you can write to the organizer of this event on Phone: 017632405458

Photo taken by Ashish on 25 April 2021

⌂⌂ 📍 Meeting Point: Löbdergraben tram stop

Meeting date and time: Sunday, 13.06.2021 at 11:00

Hiking length: 10 km

Hiking duration (roughly): 4:00 hours

Attention: You might need to consider some hours more for finishing this hike due to train connections

Max number of attendees: 20 people

What to bring:

  • Proper clothes and shoes

  • Food and drinks

  • Thoska

  • Rain jacket / umbrella

  • Face mask / sanitizer

  • Good mood

Transportation tickets:

We do not need any ticket for this trip as it is in Jena. Just do not forget your Thoska.

Who is joining us in this trip?

We are hoping to have another international and amazing trip together. On the map below, you can see who has already registered and people from which countries we are going to meet in this event.

Note: After registration, you could see immediately your name in the list. You might need to refresh your screen.