Important notes for Corona time

  • You need to follow all Corona rules. Additionally:

    • Do not have physical contact like shaking hands and hugging

    • Do not share food

    • Do not exchange phones for taking photos

    • Take social distance or use a face mask if you cannot do it.

We do not accept any responsibility if you are ignorant. So be socially responsible please.

  • All the data you fill in this form will be kept with us safely and will be deleted after 3 weeks. We will not abuse it.

🌸🌼Blooming Edition🌼🌸

The spring is already in the city and the warm days are approaching. The city is full of very beautiful trees, which is the theme of this speedhiking.

Stay updated on the Facebook-Event.

This Version of Speedhiking is with the collaboration of Dr. FSU. We are going to welcome PhD students in our event. So the topic of the pick-up line is related to that.

If you are doing PhD: you should write in an ATTRACTIVE way what you are doing.

If you are not doing PhD: Either you can write what you are doing or you can write what topic you liked/disliked in the school and why.

Task for this version:

We marked in this map the rough area where you can find very beautiful trees with beautiful blossoms and also canola fields in yellow blossom in this season. Your task is to meet your partner, go and find them, and take a beautiful photo of yourself with them.

If you like you can share your photo with us that we can show it to everyone. And of course, if you like you can use onethe good ones for your Tinder :D

🖱️Click on the Icons in the map to get more information and a photo of the locations!

Step 1: Initial Registration


You can register here. We will help you to find one. Just follow the instructions in the form.

Deadline for registration: Wednesday 12.05.2021 at 23:59:59

Already Registered People

Step 2: Choose your partner yourself


If you registered in Step 1 as you do not have a partner and you want to choose it yourself from the registered people, here is for you.

You need to choose for each person one of these options:

  1. You do not like to join that person --> It is for your own reason, we won't share it with anyone.

  2. You do not mind to join --> If you are matched with this person for this specific event, you would not mind to join him/her

  3. You really like to join --> You are really impressed by this person or the event and want to join him/her

We have developed a data processing system which will tell us the final results based on your answers

Deadline for Step 2: Thursday 13.05.2021 at 20:00:00

Step 3: Get the results and make appointment


We will inform you HERE on Thursday 13.05.2021 evening with whom you have matched. Additionally you will get a mail with the contact data of your partner. Afterwards, you can make an appointment and meet.

  • Please take photos of you and your partner and share it somehow with us. We like to have our Gallery complete, and for that we need your help because our photographers are not with you.📷

The Results of the Matching in an Artwork :D

If you do not have the contact information of your hiking partner, feel free to contact us!

If your hiking partner does not reply or you cannot find a common date when to hike, contact us.

Our Mail-Adress: hiking.jena@gmail.com

Share photos in our Facebook-Event please 📷 📷