Important notes for Corona time

  • You need to follow all Corona rules. Additionally:

    • Do not have physical contact like shaking hands and hugging

    • Do not share food

    • Do not exchange phones for taking photos

    • Take social distance or use a face mask if you cannot do it.

We do not accept any responsibility if you are ignorant. So be socially responsible please.

  • All the data you fill in this form will be kept with us safely and will be deleted after 3 weeks. We will not abuse it.

✿✿✿Meet new people and support the city!✿✿✿

We have started our occasional events and this one is

"CleanUp - Frühjahrsputzen in Jena" 🌱 💚

The Spring has already begun. Now it is time to continue with a German habit: "Frühjahrsputz" (Spring-Cleaning) 🧹🧽

As we are a hiking group which focuses on the nature we chose this season to clean the Nature!🌱 🚮🚮 🌱

This event is made to continue with this tradition in a corona-friendly way. So people are seperated both temporally and spatially. We will go in pairs of two persons to form tiny teams. 👫 So all together we will keep our beloved city Jena clean and wonderful! ✴🏘️🏘️⛰️🔆 Try to combine it with a nice hike!🥾

We provide a map with the locations where trash can be found! ⬇️⬇️

ℹ️ Instructions - read carefully:⚠️

  1. Registration until Wednesday: Check the Step 1 below this part.

We match the people in our classic way as in the previous Speedhikings. 🚹🚹

  1. Choose your potential partner on Thursday (only mandatory if you decided for it in the Form of Step 1)

  2. The matching results will be published here on Thursday night and you will receive a mail. 🗓️📩

  3. Contact your partner and decide where to go and clean: you can choose one of our roots + one of the areas marked on this map (areas with a lot of trash) 📍🗺️

  4. Announce for other people on Facebook event where you will clean, that others choose another place. (we try to update the map with your name) 📝
    If you don't have facebook then
    please send us this information accordingly to the map in the following way, for example:

  • you choose: "Paradies Park: big meadow" ➡️ wirte us "Points of Trash 1"

  • you choose: "from Tram Station Sportforum to Alte Burgauer Brücke" ➡️ wirte us "Routes of Trash 2"

  1. If you need equipment (plastic bags, gloves & buckets): we have 3 base points where you can get your cleaning equipment. 🏠 Please go the closest base to pick it up. 🧽 🛍️

Contact the base-point-persons for getting the equipment: 💬

Kernberge: Facebook: Andreas Klein 👈

Center: Facebook: Ashish Senger 👈

Lobeda: Facebook: Roman Makarov 👈

You can also use your own gloves and bags.

  1. Please send us photos: selfies and photos of trash-results (or before-after shots) or share them in our facebook-event (click here) 📷 📷

Map Information: 📍🗺️

  • Click on the points to get more information & a tiny detailed map!🖱️

  • Trash areas on the map are either points with dense trash (purple Number Ⓝ) or

routes where you can find the trash by walking along the way (blue Number for starting with blue routes ↝ from Ⓐ to Ⓑ ).

  • The 3 base points (red🏠) are only for getting cleaning material.

  • Also take a look in the bushes to find more trash. 🌳

  • You can also choose one of our routes to reach at the spots in the hills. ↪️ 🥾

Notes for disposing the waste: 🚮

  • If you have collected some kind of large/heavy/bulk garbage, then you need to collect it, (preferably in one place) and take a photo and mark this place on the map, and send the photo and place on the map to us. This garbage will be disposed of by the city (KSJ).

  • for hiking in our usual hiking roots(or routes with marking on maps) you need small bags around 30l, to collect some small rubbish.

  • If you have collected some rubbish, then you can throw it in the trash cans in the park or city, as well as at home. If you have collected a lot of garbage, you can put it next to the waste bin in the park and send us a photo and a place on the map.

Step 1: Initial Registration


You can register here. We will help you to find one. Just follow the instructions in the form.

Deadline for registration: Wednesday 31.03.2021 at 23:59:59

Already Registered People

Step 2: Choose your partner yourself


If you registered in Step 1 as you do not have a partner and you want to choose it yourself from the registered people, here is for you.

You need to choose for each person one of these options:

  1. You do not like to join that person --> It is for your own reason, we won't share it with anyone.

  2. You do not mind to join --> If you are matched with this person for this specific event, you would not mind to join him/her

  3. You really like to join --> You are really impressed by this person or the event and want to join him/her

We have developed a data processing system which will tell us the final results based on your answers

Deadline for Step 2: Thursday 01.04.2021 at 20:00:00

Step 3: Get the results and make appointment


We will inform you HERE on Thursday ( 01.04.2021) evening with whom you have matched. Additionally you will get a mail with the contact data of your partner. Afterwards, you can make an appointment and meet.

  • Please take photos of you and your partner and share it somehow with us. We like to have our Gallery complete, and for that we need your help because our photographers are not with you.📷

If you do not have the contact information of your hiking partner, feel free to contact us!

If your hiking partner does not reply or you cannot find a common date when to hike, contact us.

Our Mail-Adress: hiking.jena@gmail.com

Share photos in our Facebook-Event please 📷 📷