Rules and Conditions

In our group there are no rules. There are just few requests and recommendations based on our experiences to make the life easier.

1- Please read the description of the events. Most of the events do not have limited number of attendees. However, we have sometimes some events that the organizer can take only limited number of people. It will be announced clearly at the beginning of the description. For this kind of events, we kindly ask you to choose “going” only when you want to attend. If you are not sure, you might choose “maybe”. Otherwise you may take the chance from another person who wants to attend.

2- All hiking trips are for free. Sometimes we organize events like boating or skiing which cost some money and it will be announced in the description.

3- We announce the meeting point and time and the rough estimation of how long the trip will be. We will meet on time. However, we like to be spontaneous (specially in Summer) and we might come later than what is announced. Please consider two hours tolerance specially when the trip is out of Jena because the train might come once per hour.

4- One of the aims of this group is to find new friends and integrate with many people in the nature. Unlike typical events by the university that you stay the whole time with your own friends, we would like to have people all together and integrate. We would like to ask you to avoid making small groups with your friends or people from your country. We will try to make introduction rounds and small games to make the integration easier.

5- The photos will be shared on Facebook, if you like to see them, you need to join the Facebook group. (sorry!)

6- From each event, there will be one group photo shared publicly on this website. We will announce clearly in the event, when this photo is going to be taken. If you do not like to have your photo in public, you are very welcome to step out of the photo.

7- You join all our trips on you own risk. That means you are not insured by us if an accident happens or something is stolen from you.

Additional Rules related to Corona

We want to take the corona pandemic seriously and stay safe. Nevertheless we wanna provide hikes because it is a way not to be alone and have an activity in a quite safe way since we only meet outside. So we have a short guideline:

1- It is important to register by the form for each event!

-We will record the name and contact address of the participants due to corona reasons.

-We limit the number of attendees according to the current rules or we split the group.

-If you cannot attend, but you registered before, send us or the organizer a message for cancelling one day before. So you will not block a spot anymore.

2- Don’t share food and drinks

3- Always take a mouth and nose covering (mask) with you and wear it in public transport and all buildings. Follow the general rules of hygiene. Refrain from attending the event if there are recognizable symptoms of a COVID-19 disease.

More information by University Jena: by clicking here.

4- Try to keep distance, unless you are using a mask.

5- If we have a Co-Organizer, we would split the group to some smaller groups, to have less people together

6- the city's official announcements always take precedence

We usually like to keep things easy-going and not make unnecessary rules for our hikes. But this time it is serious. We would like to be able to organize our hiking trips during winter without any problems. And for that, we ask you kindly follow the mentioned guideline even if for your own personal reasons you don't like them. If we see someone intentionally breaks the rules (which are actually the rules of the country) and wants to make troubles for us, we will kindly ask him/her to not attend any trips anymore.

Hope to meet you again in the future and have some nice time together.