Route 50

Route 50: Paulina's Happy Hike

Starting point: Bad Berka Zeughausplatz - Train Station

Visiting points:

End point: Hohenfelden Bus Station

Hiking Length: 11.37 km



The way is not always exciting but something special is the village Tiefengruben with a nice traditional structure, a street which sourrounds it and beautiful houses. We were lucky to visit the church from inside because we came with our group on a tiny local celebration.

Another highlight was the castle Tonndorf. We could roam around, visit the lookout tower and play ping-pong for free. After another walk along fields and the forest we finally reached the big lake where we could swim very nicely. So it is a good hike for the summer season.


This route was especially beautiful in may during the cannola season as we walked across several cannola fields 🌻

The path is mainly flat and it passes through 2 small villages with beautiful architecture and half-timbered houses (those in a very German style).

Tonndorf's castle is a must, the way up is embellished by some farm animals which are by the way very friendly

If you keep walking to the lake don't forget to look back from time to time, you'll find very nice views of the castle from the forest 🏰

Finally the lake is as big as it is beautiful✨ back then it was not possible to rent boats due to Corona regulations but whenever is possible you should give it a try.