Seasonal Attractions

Wild Garlic (Bärlauch) near Camburg

South of Camburg, at the slope next to the village Döbritschen and behind the train trails, you will find a lot of eatable Wild Garlic Leaves (Ramsons) in April every year.

It can be harvested, but please only for your own use and not too much. Then you can process these fresh green leaves to into a meal!

Please pay Attention not to mix this eatable plant up with non-eatable poisonous types, especially with "Maiglöckchen" or "Herbstzeitlose"!

After the Wild Garlic starts blooming white, it is no more eatable!

Here are some suggested routes which passes through this point. You want to add your own route, contact us. It is very easy and we will register it with your own name.

Route 34: Hydro Plant Tour

visiting Mühlenwerke Camburg, Döbritschen, Wasserkraftwerk Döbritschen and Wild Garlic Hiking length: 7 km