Route 48

Route 48: Art Discovery by Bike ūüöīūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹūüöī‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

Starting point: Hanfried

Visiting points:

  • Burgau

  • Maua

  • Sculpture Garden Plinz

  • Leutra

  • G√∂schwitz

End point: Jena Paradies Station

Hiking Length: 45 km


[Andreas]: First you cycle along the river Saale, then you follow a tiny stream until the village Plinz. The "Garten der Stille" (Garden of Silence) is really a paradise! You can sit next to the splashing water and enjoy the sculptures embedded in the nature. There is also an Art Gallery with paintings close by. After the village Großkröbitz there are some gravel roads but with an greenish scenery until Leutra where you can find orchids in the beginning of Summer. All in all it is a super relaxing route with nice villages and wonderful nature. (09/05/2021)

[Kris]: Easy to moderate biking trail passing beautiful landscapes and cute villages. Crossing Zimmritz, a village from the 13th-14th century is an absolute delight. The highlighting part is the stretch from p<√∂sen to Leutertal. ūüß°

Enjoy this beautiful trail on a sunny day. (09/05/2021)