Jena Dude

Jena Dude (formerly Hiking Dude)

Dude is a Telegram Bot, which mainly helps everyone with the communications between the participants and the organizers. Starting at June 2021 as a test hobby project, now Dude is one of the main members of the group which does all the important tasks.

What can be found on this bot

Info about All Event

  • Events organized in the group of Together in Jena

  • External events from other groups

    • You can easily add external events from other groups to the bot using the links in the bot

Participation in Public and Project Events

Dude is your best friend with your participation in public and project event. By using Dude you can:

  1. Register for all the future events

  2. Cancel your registration

  3. See the list of all events you registered and participated

  4. receiving private messages from the organizers of the event in case of sudden changes.

The relevant links for the mentioned activities will be provided to you by the bot. In these links, the field Dude ID will be automatically filled by bot. You can register for the events with or without Dude ID and it is up to you.

However if you do not register with a valid Dude ID, you cannot cancel your registration and see the events you registered for. You also will not receive any messages from the organizers.

Organizing private events for JAPP platform

For everything you need to do with your own private events, you need to have a Dude ID (see below for more information). This number can be assigned to you via Dude and the bot will help you to

  • Organize your event

  • Edit your event

  • Cancel your event

  • Close your event

  • Write a story for your event

For each of the mentioned activities with your event, you need to ask Dude for help and getting the proper link.

Link to the website

All the data we prepare are presented on our website, however sometimes it might not be easily found. Dude will help you to easier find your interested info by giving you the proper links

My country in Jena

We have started making a database with the useful info from different countries in Jena. In this database you can add info about

  • Grocery stores and restaurant from your country

  • Doctors / dentists / psychologists who speak your mother language

  • cultural group, whatsapp, Telegram, or Facebook groups for people from your country

  • Tips for traveling back to your country

  • authorities and other bureaucratic tips

  • and many other info that you might like to add

This data can be easily found by new comers in Jena so they can have an easier start of life in Jena. For adding data and making the database more complete, you can use Dude. He will give you the link.

Best way to contact us

Do you have a question about a project? Or you want to share an idea? The best way of communication is to use the bot. In this way, your questions will be categorized automatically by the bot and all the responsible people for answering that question will get the message. For instance you have an idea for German Corner and by writing it in the bot, all the people involved in German Corner project will see your idea and can reach you back.

What is Dude ID (reliability ID)

Your data security is very important for us and we try to get almost no personal info from you. We do not ask for your Email address, telephone number, or any other forms of personal data to make sure we are fulfilling the data protection concerns of the participants. However, we need a way to make sure about the validity of registrations (and avoid spam registrations) as well as a method of communication to reach the participants for sudden changes in the plans.

After thinking about many possibilities, we came up with Dude ID. This number is a encoded number which is generated by the bot. This number

  • is different for different users of the bot, and

  • Does not contain any types of personal data

When you fill a form to register for an event, you can fill the field Dude ID. In case you get the link to the form from the bot, this field will be automatically field and you do not need to do it yourself. By using this number in the forms you fill:

  • all the actions you do (registration for an event, organizing a private event, ...) will be linked to your bot and you can modify them. For instance if you register for an event with Dude ID, you can easily cancel it. But registrations without Dude ID are out of your control.

  • You can be contacted by the team of Together in Jena or the organizers of the event in case of sudden changes. Without Dude ID we cannot find out it is you!

If you have any concerns or questions about Dude ID system, we are very happy to show you openly our system and explain to you with more details about the functionality of the system.