Route 9

Route 9: Forest Tour

Starting point: Zeiss-Werk (bus station)

Visiting points:

End point: Beutenberg Campus (bus station)

Hiking Length: 11.12 km


[Kelly]: I really enjoyed this route with Raihan! The weather was great, it was snowing all the time and this made the atmosphere magical! I also enjoyed visiting the villages of Coppanz and Nennendorf for the first time and discover new places around! Can't wait to repeat it in spring!

It is a beautiful and not very easy way. If you go in summer, you will see a lot of fruit trees.

[Andreas]: Is is mostly through the forest but exciting anyway!

[Raihan]: Great track for first timers. Suitable for a snow hike.

[Roman]: This tour was my discovery, I didn't expect this one to be so beautiful. The village of Coppanz is very small, but surrounded by hills, which were especially beautiful during the winter. It was a great sunny day, so we really hit upon the local nature. It is noteworthy that huge wind turbines can be seen in front of Coppanz.

I recommend going downhill after Coppanz in the direction of the village of Nennsdorf, when you climb down, a beautiful view also opens up, and then you can see very beautiful rocks along the way in the forest - Steinbruch