Route 14

Route 14: Ashish's Sunset Tour

Starting point: Griesbrücke

Visiting points:

End point: Zwätzen

Hiking Length: 13.96 km


[Ashish]: As name suggest, if you are looking for place where you can sit and spend some beautiful moment in nature. This route is Awaiting for you.
If you wanna looking for some places, where you can go for Sunset hike, I will highly recommend this route.

[Roman]: Absolutely lovely tour, I was happy with the winter landscapes of Jenzig and Kunitzburg. I can recommend everyone to do this wonderful tour and be sure to visit the village of Lasaan.

[Raihan]: Suitable for beginners in hiking. Provides a great view of the city and villages.

[Andreas]: You hike along the "Hufeisen" nature preserved area. The Jenzig in the beginning and the Kunitzburg ruine in the end are most amazing.