Route 20

Route 20: Adventurous Andreas

Starting point: Porstendorf

Visiting points:

End point: Dornburg

Hiking Length: 16.76 km


[Andreas]: The ruine Tautenburg with its view from the top of the hill next to the village is idyllic. Overall it is a bit adventurous because the route is long and includes sometimes steep ways for walking uphill and crosses the forest. It is mainly coverd by the Saale-Horizontale.

[Ashish]: This route is a part of Saale Horizontale, But it doesn't mean that this route is Horizontal through out the way. The most beautiful attraction is Tautenburg castle ruin and also view of Dornburg castle.

[Roman]: If you want new experiences, new beautiful views different from the usual around Jena, then this tour is for you. Tatenburg is like another fairytale world, a small German village in the middle of the mountains, in the center of which there is a fortress. It looks especially incredible in the evening when it gets dark, but the many lights create a special atmosphere.