Telegram Channel

One of the main medias of the group Together in Jena is our channel in Telegram.


Everything at one place, a big album

Every Summer, everyone is being added to many different private groups for doing activities together. And usually after the event, the group gets forgotten among many other groups and the photos get lost. This makes it very difficult to remember and access the events later.

With our Telegram channel, we got the idea to bring all these tiny events in one place, in a sorted and beautiful way, where you can get access to find what you have done in Jena all in one place anytime. This channel can be like a big event album with many photos which can nicely remind you even after many years your beautiful time in Jena

Space to share the happiness

Do you have a skill you want to share with others, but no one knows you in this new town, you can do it easily with us. This is one of our motivations to make this space.

Why Telegram Channel

  • Getting Notifications immediately: Compared to our website or platforms like padlet, the events on Telegram will be notified immediately to all the people in the channel, so organizing last-minute events get possible

  • Anonymous membership: Members of the Telegram Channel cannot find out who else is in the channel. This is very important for a big group of people that everyone feels safe that his/her contact won't be found by others and no one could send spam and irrelevant messages

  • No telephone number sharing: In Telegram, people can communicate and chat just by sharing the Telegram ID without needing to share their telephone number. The ID can be changed anytime. In this case the disturbings from other members can be minimized.

How does it work?

Minimum notifications policy

In our channel, the number of posts is intentionally kept very limited, to reduce the number of notifications everyone receives per day. Our experience showed us that receiving too many notifications results in muting the channel by the members and hence losing the functionality of the channel. So the goal is simple, low number and high quality posts.

What can be posted

  • Public Events: posted by the team of Together in Jena

  • Project Events: posted by the organizers of the project

  • Private Events: by organizers of the private event

  • News: Limited number of posts about the news of the community

Not recommended posts

Posting anything besides what is explained above can overload the channel. Hence, we avoid posting about events by other groups.

Safety Notes

Being spammed by strangers

By joining our channel, no one except the team of Together in Jena could find out about your subscription. Hence, you are safe for getting the news of the community without being worried about receiving messages from strangers.

However your subscription can be found if you:

  • Organize and event and share your contact

  • Comment under the photos

If you are really concerned about your contact details, please avoid sharing it. When you are making an event, you can use other types of communications like email address as well. It is not mandatory to share your Telegram ID.

However, if you are spammed by strangers, you can always welcome to contact us and we can try to find a solution together.

Photo permissions

We are not able to check and control all the photos shared in our channel. Make sure to inform the organizer of the event if you do not like to be in the photos. If there are any photos you do not like to be in, you can contact us and we will delete them for you.