August 2019

Organized by Andreas

number of participants: 7

Despite a very warm temperature, a few people had a long hike to the Castle called Gleichen which is one of the Drei Gleichen Castles. In the end we passed the lake Talsperre Wechmar and crossed a streem barefoot. Meanwhile we saw snakes and a deer.

Organized by Mackency

Ziegenrück is one of the must visit places in Thüringen. It has view of hidden places which will be mindblowing. Well, Everyone choose this place mostly for hiking, but it also has a camping place where many water games are possible. Of course nothing is for cost free. It is actually under Thüringen forest region which means if for fishing or hunting you should have proper licence. Its also very safe to hike in this place. Families also choose this place to spend their hoildays. Its peaceful, fresh air, nature and river takes you to an amazing experience.

Organized by Andreas

number of participants: 7

We discoverd a large lake, called Zeulenroda, which was unknown for all of us. It was totally worth it because we rent pedal-boats and swam.

We saw a beautiful pond and rested next to it. On the way we saw llamas and a chicken farm and walked through the maedow.

The lake was really interesting because there were big waves and boating was challenging. However it was a unique experience.

We experienced a heavy rain at the end of the trip and part of the group went for a dinner together.

Organized by Sevinç

number of participants: 12

It was a very long and a full day hike to Hohenwarte Stausee. We walked for about 24 km and were very tired afterwards. The group was nice. We were swimming at Alterbrucht for 1.5 hours. It was very stony place for swimming, but we had a lot of fun.