December 2020

Organized by Andreas and Ashish, and Reza

Number of Participants : 15

This version of Speedhiking was different and the participants could offer their detailed plans what they wanted to do. So we had a variety of activities from playing badminton to hiking and to bike trip. We had less people due to bad weather, but it was fun.

Group 1: Fatima and Mahabbat

Visiting Erfurt, its beautiful castles and Christmas atmosphere

Group 2: Pikki and Raihan

Visiting Oberhof with a lot of Snow

Group 3: Fatima and Reza

Playing badminton, having Linner (Lunch + Dinner) together

Group 4: Sarah and Roman

Group 5: Andreas and Nanda

Biking from Jena to Saalfeld

Group 6: Kate and Kishore

Night hike

Other groups without photos

Group 7: Alexandra and Harsh

Organized by Andreas and Ashish, and Reza

Number of Participants : 25

This was the last version of Speedhiking, and it was a mixture of Speedhiking 1.0 and Speedhiking 3.0. So people could choose either they want to be totally randomly allocated to someone, or if they want to choose their partner via a second registration step. In total we had 10 groups.

Group 1: Farnaz and Marco


Group 2: Reza and Nanda

From Rothenstein to Jena, from Afternoon to dark night

Group 3: Roman and Mahmoud

Morning Hike

Group 4: Kahina and Kate

Other groups without photos:

Group 5: Sarah and Raihan