German Corner with Natives

"Learning a language is most fun when you do it with a nice company!" - Andreas-

Here you see some impressions and you can read here what we did so far. [click]

Our Idea is simple: German practice, Chit-chat and gaming [🇩🇪]

Since November 2021 we have started a new project idea for everyone who wants to improve their German.

👩‍🏫 For that we gather in the University, International Centrum or in a cozy café.

🃏 We practice some German in a relaxed atmosphere, by talking and playing simple games like:

  • Tabu (explaining Words by avoiding others)

  • Drawing and Guessing Expressions

  • pantomimes and Guessing

  • Quizzes

Please bring your own games related to learning German if you have one.

💬 Usually we also discuss about a certain topic in pairs of two.


  • minumum level A2!

  • be on time!

  • bring pens and papers

Wanna organize it?

If you have good German skills and want to organize the Project once, just contact us:

You will gain a lot of experience for planning a structured lesson and have fun with educated people at the same time. We will give you advices and share our experiences. Also we provide the room for you.


⚠️ Join only if your name is not in the waiting list!

✔️ Registration

  • use Jena Dude -> Register for Events

  • For people without Telegram click here

📍 Common meeting points:


Since November 2021 we have the German-Language-Project that has become very famous. Here you see the stories that happend each Thursday.