March 2019

Organized by Laura

number of participants: 9

We started at the Jenzig on a very windy Sunday afternoon and followed the Saale Horizontale hiking route across the plateau and down into the valley to a little dorf/village called Laasan (population ~50). We accidentally ran into a guy there who had keys to the old Rathaus town hall building (which is both a Denkmal/historic site and bat sanctuary), and he showed us the inside and told us a little bit about the village's history. From there, we headed back to Kunitz, grabbed a tram into the city center, and feasted on a late lunch at the restaurant Cheers. We didn't quite make it to the Kunitzburg itself, but we could see it from Kunitz, and that was good enough. [Ref.: Laura's weblog]

Organized by Nikolai

number of participants: 5

We had taken a train to Bad Schandau early in the morning. it was a short hike over Bastei Bridge and Felsenbühne Rathen.

It was a very small hike with a small group, who liked to explore their horizon and enjoy nature.

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 12

It was a very fun hike organized on the first weekend after beginning of the spring. We were 12 people, started from Paradiespark and walked towards Kernberge. We had very funny breaks by playing some games and nice conversation. At Fürstenbrunnen, we made a small fire to make a some tea. It was very interesting. On the way, people from different countries were singing some music in their language which was really fun. We ended our trip by having Döner Kebab in the city center.