Route 18

Route 18: Lazy Lobeda

Starting point: Lobeda West Tram Station

Visiting points:

End point: Lobeda West Tram Station

Hiking Length: 7.21 km

Recommended for rainy weather & for not going uphill ☁

Going uphill to Rabenschüssel is optional, you can also skip it and just continue on the road!


[Andreas]: Easy and recommended for wet days because there are mostly solid roads and very less elevation profile. The village Maua is very beautiful.

[Susu]: If you live near Lobeda West and want to go for a walk and chat with friends but don't know where to go, then you can come here. This is a little known walking route that takes you over the road bridge to a quiet and beautiful village, Maua, where a small river flows and where you can find a long lost peace. I have visited this village many times myself and have since come here with different friends.

[Roman]: Nice walk, without big overloads, you will like it. You will see great views of the Great Bridge, and Geschwitz. I also recommend this tour in May when the rapeseed fields are in bloom. If you have time, you can walk from Maue along the Saale or visit Rabenschüssel, with amazing view point. I skied the whole tour, it was cool!