Beach Volleyball with Harsh

" Beach Volleyball is like flying and mega cool!" -Philosopher-

🏐🏐 Let's play beach volleyball together! 🏐🏐

We booked a beach volleyball field of Hochschulsport and we would like to have some fun time together on Sundays at 15:00. ⏱️

  • come 15 min before the stated time

  • You should have a bit of a knowledge of volleyball, but nothing advanced

📍 Where?

The regular beach volleyball events will take place in beach volleyball fields of USV here. The entrance in at USZ here.

However we might organize some additional events in other days of the week, which will be announced separately in the event

💶 How much does it cost?

We share the price: 2 Euros per person depending on number of participants to cover the costs for the booking.

In case there is extra money, we will use it for the weeks that the weather is not good and we cannot play, but we need to pay for the field.

If there are more money left, we will organize a tournament at the last two weeks and the money will be used to by prize for the winner of the tournament.

What to bring?

  • comfortable clothes

  • enough water to drink

  • good mood

  • some money

  • sun screen ☀️

✔️ Registration

  • use Jena Dude -> Register for Events

  • For people without Telegram click here

⚠️ Join only if your name is not in the waiting list!

⏱️ Arrive at 14:45, to prepare the game together!