Route 17

Route 17: Exciting Kernberg Tour

Starting point: Tram Stop "Jenertal"

Visiting points:

  • Teufelslöcher

  • mittlere Kernberghorizontale

  • Haeckel-Bank

  • Funkturm

  • Kupferplatte

End point: Tram Stop "Jenertal"

Hiking Length: 11.06 km


[Andreas]: Many Ups and Downs with some climbing opptortunities. Challenging but very cool hike on the Kernberge hill's limestone cliff.

[Ashish]: This route is offer you a really amazing experience, if you love to be early bird and like to see a Sunrise from Ernst Haeckel bank.

[Roman]: Great tour with very beautiful views of Jena and the nature around the city. This tour will leave a lasting impression, and also this tour is not very long, which is good when there is not much time.