2020 Summary

2020 was a very special year in everyone's life. The rules and lockdowns affected our lifes. However, we had many beautiful events and memories. We organized trips when ever it was possible according to the restrictions and sometimes needed to limit the attendees. So we are very glad that our hiking group and the nature have always been appreciated in the year of pandemic. Here we present you a summary of what we did in 2020.

Reza, Ashish & Andreas

What made 2020 special?

The biggest nice changes of this year were:

Thanks to everybody who helped us putting this project of the page into effect:

André, Roman, Rachit and everyone who let us use their photos for our Gallery.

We had 46 events:

Hiking trips: 34 (night-hike: 2) / boating: 1 / grilling: 1 / bike trip: 1 / swimming: 2 / Speedhiking: 4 / cooking event: 1 / cleaning: 2


  • Longest hike: 38.5 km
    (50 km around Jena on 03.10.2020)

  • Most crowded hike: 62 People
    (Colors of Autumn on 10.10.2020)

  • Furthest hike: ~ 100 km far from Jena
    Hainich Nationalpark


Roman, Waldemar, Jeteendra, Ashish, Mark, Andreas, Reza

Some interesting charts from Facebook

We had a photo competition at the end of the year and here are the resutls.

Category: Nature - Photo by: Pikki - Points: 4.4/5

Category: Close up - Photo by: Pikki - Points: 4.24/5

Category: Building - Photo by: Ataa - Points: 4.32/5

Category: Landscape - Photo by: Roman - Points: 4.48/5

Category: My city Jena- Photo by: Roman - Points: 4.74/5

Category: Animal - Photo by: Jeetendra - Points: 4.10/5

Category: People - Photo by: Roman - Points: 4.05/5

Category: Spontaneous - Photo by: Roman - Points: 4.35/5

Category: Fun photo - Photo by: Coxca - Points: 4.48/5

Category: Comic- Photo by: Roman - Points: 4.31/5