Route 3

Route 3: Aliens Tour

Starting point: Göschwitz

Visiting points:

End point: Winzerla

Hiking Length: 7.53 km


[Andreas]: The way has many clearings with great views. In my opinion it includes the best view on Lobeda and Göschwitz. You will like it, if you prefer ways with a lot of light instead of shadow. The maze is really fun and the whole are with stones and ponds gives you a surreal feeling.[Coxca]: Extraterrestrial experience

[Reza]: It is a beautiful way and has nice sceneries. Not recommended for sunny warm days as there is not enough shadow.

[Roman]: This is one of the great opportunities to see the beautiful sunrise. If you are already bored with the view from Landgrafen, then feel free to go to Mönchsberg. You will be pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous vista that opens from the rocky cliff. You can also start your trek from Göschwitz and continue in the direction of Winzerla or Ammerbach, and if you have a lot of energy and time left, you can end your route through Bismarkturm and the center of Jena - I like this route very much.

[Raihan]: Not suitable for new hikers. Avoid if there was rain the day before.

[Kelly]: I totally recommend it as the Steinbruch plateau offers a great view! Great in winter, with snow and frozen ponds!