Route 12

Route 12: Ashish Photography Tour

Starting point: Jenertal

Visiting points:

End point: Jena Paradies

Hiking Length: 10.9 km


[Andreas]: You have wonderful views on Ziegenhain with its giant church. The Fuchsturm is worth taking a rest and it has an audio-machine and a telescope next to the building.

[Coxca]: All beautiful when the sun shines

[Roman]: It was an amazing hike after a work week! The silence of the night, white snow and beautiful nature, what could be better. I recommend this route at night, you can see the enchanting city at night from different angles, and the fuxturm glows especially beautifully at night! But do not forget to take a torch with you, although if you chose a snowy winter, then you will not need it, the snow creates a pleasant atmosphere and you can see everything well. This is really a photography tour I took a lot of great night shots!

[Raihan]: Great all weather track for a view of the city.

[Ashish]: As name suggest, along the route you may find many beautiful viewing point for photography. Though, This route mostly covered Saale horizontale, so you can randomised your route. Highly recommendable for sunny day, for Sunset and cloudy weather. If you like to take pics along your hike, I will highly recommend this route. Near Zieghainer Tal, you will have really very beautiful view of Fuchturm.