November 2020

Organized by Andreas and Ashish

Number of Participants : 21

A hike well planned from all the main organizers remains as a beautiful memory with a close atmosphere of 21 hiking-friends. First we hiked uphill to the viewing-point “Dohlenstein” where we had an amazing view on Kahla and took a break. For going up we had to make some rushing people to slow down and motivate the rest of the people. It was totally worth taking this way because of the beautiful hills of yellow-coloured trees and many views on villages, the forest and even until Jena-Lobeda. After arriving at the castle and taking another lunch-break we could enter the exhibition for very low costs. Roaming around and talking about the exhibition with the people you randomly met was a funny experience. For hiking back we took another trail with new views on the castle and the autumn-scenery. Around 5, when it got dark we arrived in Jena where some of the group had dinner at Fritz Mitte.

Since we knew it was the last hike for a while due to the corona-restriction we were very happy to take advantage of this cool day!

Participants (individuals): Andreas, Roman, Petrumila

Our special idea was based on the Corona-situation:

As events were currently cancelled and a physical distance from other people was expected, many of us were at home. Some people are appreciating health but to preserve it, natural elements such as movement, fresh air and sunlight are essential.

One of the cancelled events is the SaalePUTZ of the Bürgerstiftung. Unfortunately, we had to do without this social get-together, but we did something good for the nature and ourselves. So, we supported cleanness on our own by collecting rubbish in the woods, meadows, parks and at the rivers and streams of Jena.

By going when you want and maybe combined with a hike, people were seperated both spatially and temporally. Actually some people used this possibility and helped cleaning the Saale and its shores, f.e. Roman and Andreas.

The idea is very simple: while walking in nature we can collect trash meanwhile!

Text by Roman about 7.11.2020:

The weather was very cool, I walked from Lobeda West to the stadium, collected a total of two bags of garbage, one right behind Lobede, we like to leave all the garbage in place after grilling And the second along the way, but the difficulty is that the bag became every meter is getting heavier, and by the end I was barely carrying about 15 kg.

Andreas also did a great job, he was catching garbage straight from the Saale standing almost waist-deep in water. It was powerful! Then he took a long time to warm up in the shower. 💪💪💪🥶

Organized by Andreas and Ashish, and Reza

Number of Participants : 47

Due to Lockdown, we are not allowed to organize public events. So we came up with this idea, so people can get out of home, stay in groups of two hikers and get to know their fellow groupmates.

Group 1: Pikki and Roman

from sunrise at Landgrafen to sunset to Dornburg with trash collection activity

Group 2: Isabel and Zahra

a short hike to Fuchsturm and ended at Jena paradies

Group 3: Raihan and Monalisa

from Nordschule to Jenzig to Löbstedt.

Group 4: Ekaterina and Mostafa

from Drackendorf to Lobdeburg and then to Lobeda-old town

Group 5: Ashish and Sarah

from Göschwitz over Steinbruch, Cospoth and ended at Winzerla

Group 6: Reza and Wieta

from Lobeda to visit the viewing point Rabenschüssel

Group 7: Andreas and Carolin

from the Papiermühle to the Sonnenberge and Landgrafen

Group 8: Mathilde and Johanna

visiting Jenzig

Group 9: Kahina and Eldho

from Zwätzen to Dornburg via Kunitz

Other groups without photos

Group 10: Parva and Andriy

visiting Jenzig

Group 11: Pooria and Xiaoyu

Philosophenweg and Napoléonstein

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants : 8

This was our first event in the set of online cooking events. In this nice evening, Parva thought us how to cook Kuku, and everyone from his own home joined us and we cooked all together and ate together.

We played also two rounds of Mafia. It was not easy because of technological problems, but indeed a very nice evening.

Beside the people who cooked, we had also Roman, Reihan, and Caro who just joined us for a chill.

Organized by Andreas and Ashish, and Reza

Number of Participants : 43

Our second Speedhiking took place a bit different and funnier way. This time people Should have answered to some questions as well as choosing their potential Speedhiking partner from the registered participants. We divided people into 17 groups. Some people did not join later.

Group 1: Andreas and Liju

Group 2: Harsh and Sarah

Group 3: Roman and Kishore

Group 4: Reza and Meilen

Group 5: Raihan and Monalisa

Group 6: Pikki and Andre

Group 7: Kate and Alexander

Other groups without photos

Group 8: Alexandra and Marco

Group 9: Kelly and Sethuraman

Group 10: Afshin and Corrie

Group 11: Aziz and Shashank