September 2018

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 9

This hike is organized to see the heels on west side of Jena. We started from Zeisswerk bus stop and started our trip directly from there to Ernst-Haeckel-Stein. On our way, we visited some villages and also some playgrounds to have some fun like kids.

On the way it was really fun, because we saw many fruit trees on our way and had a nice harvesting time together.

Organized by Felix

number of participants: 9

In the beginning Felix taught us many things about mushrooms from a book. Then we found many of them, eatable and poisonous ones. Also, we saw small idyllic villages with farms.

In the forest we got a bit lost and the group was separated for a while. However, we had a lot of fun together afterwards.

We ended the trip in Rothenstein.