June 2017

Organized by Reza

Number of participants: 20

For the first time, we were as big as 20 people. We started our trip from Lobeda, visited Lobdeburg and Fürstenbrunnen and finished our trip by visiting Fuchsturm. We had a very great day with great people, and we walked from Lobeda to city center.

Organized by Mariano

Number of Participants: 11

We visited one of the famous national parks in Germany which is around 100 km far away from Jena. It is very diverse and big area, but we visited a beautiful smart part of the park.

At the end we arrived to a city and played in children's playground.

Organized by Erich

Number of Participants: 6

The weather was fresh and we had a really nice picknick together. We made a round walk in the area and it took the whole day to finish the plan.

Organized by Sevinç

Number of Participants: 25

We had a very nice trip to Dorndurg with a lot of nice people. This was the first trip organized by Sevinc in the group. The weather was very good, and the Dornburg Castle was also very beautiful.