What is recommended in leisure time? ūüėä

Enjoying the snow ‚ĚĄÔłŹūüƮԳŹ

  • Cross-Country-Skiing in the Th√ľringer Wald, like Oberhof [more] ‚õ∑ÔłŹ There you can also do snowboarding ūüŹā

  • Sledging down the hills, if you have the equipment. ūüõ∑ Recommendated places: Napoleonstein/Windknollen, Tr√ľperwiese, Meadow behind Beutenberg Campus

  • A snow hike is exciting, but also more exhausting to walk in the deep snow. Creating a snow man is fun, especially when the snow is sticky ‚õĄ

Occasional Events ūü•≥ūüéČ

Christmas market Jena [more] ūüéÖūüŹŅ

  • from beginning to 23rd of December

  • Two separate markets: one at Market square, the other one at Faulloch

  • The typical drink in Germany for the Christmas time is mulled wine (Gl√ľhwein). The alcohol free version is called Kinderpunsch.

  • There is a tent (Apres ski) next to Jentower (just next to Subway) where they play German Schlager music and there are fun games to play in December

Christmas market Erfurt [more] ūüßĎūüŹľ‚ÄćūüéĄ

‚ö†ÔłŹ What to care about while hiking? ‚ö†ÔłŹ

Winter Hike Starter-Pack

  • ūüß• Warm clothes, winter Jacket

  • ūüߣgloves, scarf, woolly hat

  • ‚ėĒ Rain jacket / umbrella

  • ūü•ĺ sturdy shoes

Consider the cold weather ūü•∂

  • It is often below zero degree and slippery

  • On sunny days it usually colder