March 2017

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 6

The forests in which we set foot

Bear memories of those who are long gone

Of Frederick, the elector of Saxony

Of Napoleon, and the wars he won

Both men of noble blood

And both trod the same ground

One chose to destroy

T'other, did the university found

On my idle stroll in the woods

A dilemma came my way

Which way misleads me to the dark

And which leads to a bright happy day?

(Poetry by Navid Mohaghegh Harandi)

Organized by Reza

In this trip, we visited the beautiful city of Eisenach and its famous castle Wartburg. This castle is very important in German history as it is the place that Martin Luther translated the bible from Latin to German.

We were a group of around 15 people and had a nice visit of the castle and took part in the tour where they explained us in detailed what happened there.

Unfortunately, since it was one of our first trips, not many photos are available.