October 2019

Organized by Sevinc

number of participants: 40

October is the best time to enjoy the very beautiful nature of Perückensträucher. We had a very big group, mostly new students in Jena, who were motivated to go to this beautiful way on a nice weekend day

Since we were much bigger than our expectation, we did not manage to finish our planed way, but it was very fun. At the very end, we went for dinner in Grünowski together with interested people.

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 32

This event was organized close to Weimar in order to visit the famous traditional Onion market which takes place once a year in October.

We started from Bad Berka, visited the beautiful Paulinenturm, climbed up the tower, passed through two beautiful villages and ended in the Belvedere castle.

From there, we took the bus to Weimar city center to visit the Onion market. As we were a very big group and the market was so big and crowded, we got separated in Weimar and everyone came back individually. In summary, it was a very nice day with a very nice weather.

Organized by Andreas

number of participants: 32

On a golden october day we had a crowded hike in the beautiful landscape of the hills Kernberge very close to Jena. We had an instruction round for all participants and even went to the spring Fürstenbrunnen and ended in Wöllnitz.

Organized by Ahmmed

number of participants: 21

We had a nice hike with a quite big group to the famous Leuchtenburg castle. It was a heavy rainy day and we were totally wet. However it was still interesting to hike and reach to the castle. We did not visited the inner site of the castle, instead we preferred to sit in the coffee shop next the castle to drink something, have nice conversation, and enjoy the view of the castle in the rain from the window.