About Us

Who are we?

“Do you like to discover beautiful places around Jena but your friends are super lazy? Then join our hiking group.” Actually, frequently new people join and we get to know to new people on every event.

Starting from February 2017, we are having weekly trips to visit the beautiful nature, historical sites and amazing lakes. This group focuses on outdoor activities, so sometimes there are even special sports events like boating or skiing besides normal hikes. So far, we have organized more than 200 public events and had participants from everywhere in the world.

The group is originally based on a private Facebook group. However, you can easily find our future events by subscribing us, joining our Telegram Channel or our Instagram-Account. We have also a YouTube channel to share our videos. All the photos are shared on the Facebook group and only members can see it.

What is our goal?

Exploring Nature

Our dynamic and international group’s purpose is organizing hiking trips in the Thuringian State of Germany, specifically around Jena.

Social Contacts, physical movement and the nature with its fresh air are basic human needs. We are combining everything in a casual way. That’s why the destinations linked with the people who joined remain as unforgettable memories.

Sometimes there were big groups, sometimes there were small groups. Sometimes people joined with your friends, sometimes with strangers. Sometimes it was warm, sometimes it was rainy and cold and sometimes we had even snowy hikes.

Connecting People

One of our main goals is to connect people with different backgrounds. We use the hiking opportunities to get to know so many hikers while enjoying the nature and fruitful conversations. People who came up from different parts of the world like to talk about their culture, country diversity and also share their foods and people could easily become closer. Additionally, we motivate each other on long and exhausting hikes.

Especially for newbies in Jena and international students the hiking group is a great way to discover the hiking destinations without being worried about finding the way and without planning the route. Joining helps these people for integration too.

We try to mix with new people and to avoid making small groups with our friends or people from our country. Sometimes we have introduction rounds and small games to support the integration. Usually we easily come closer, find new friends and even relationships were made. Also it is typical to share the food we bring while having breaks outdoors.

How does it work?

It is so simple: one person plans a hiking trip and everyone else can join!

The hiking trips can be organized by everyone in the group. We usually keep things simple and only follow the vibe. In the event description we usually announce:

  • Where we go and what we expect to see

  • The rough estimation of the distance we will walk

  • Meeting point and time

  • What to bring

For attending our events, you need to register in our website. It is important since we are sharing the photos and need to confirm if people are keen with that. During the Corona crisis, we also collect telephone numbers which will be removed three weeks after the event. You need to follow our rules and conditions.

Normally our events are for free. Only sometimes there will be a fee for renting equipment for special events.

Where are we from?

We are proud to be very international, open to new people and new cultures, and love to integrate and exchange. We had people from all continents in the world with different background. So at each hiking there are new members with new stories.

As a small movement, we would like to mark where we are from on this map to celebrate our diversity. If you have been already in one of the previous hiking trips with us, you can tell us your hometown so we can add it to this map. In this way, the people can easily find you if they are interested to know about your hometown.

Can I organize my own event?

Yes, of course. This hiking group is a platform to help you organizing your own events. We would help as much as we can by sharing hints and our experiences with you to organize your own events. It is so simple and you just need to follow our guideline. So far These people kindly organized hiking trips with our group:

Ahmed Sami Badr: Leuchtenburg castle (2019.10.27)
Aschraf: Biking Mountain/Trekking-Bike around Rudolstadt Thüringer Forest (2019.06.15), Sunday Hike to Alperstedter See (2019.07.14), Saturday Skiing in Oberhof - Thüringen (2019.12.21)
Azmah: Hiking to Basteibrücke (2018.02.24)
Brigitte: Hiking to Weinberg Käuzchenberg and Rosental (2018.04.21)
Erich: Hiking to Drachenschlucht (2017.06.17, 2018.05.20), hiking in Bad Blankenburg (2017.07.02), Wanderung zum großen Inselberg, Tabarz (2018.02.18)
Felix: Hiking from Kahla to Rothenstein (2018.06.02), Saale-Horizontale I: Jena West to Rautal (2018.06.23), Mashroom Harvesting Hiking (2018.09.22)
Jeetendra: Trekking To Jenzig (2020.03.01)
Laura: Lunch hike from Jenzig to Kunitzburg (2019.03.03)
Mackency: Roundtrip trails of Thüringer Meer (2019.08.10)
: Trip to Nationalpark Hainich (2017.06.10)
Mark: Hike to View the Perseid Meteor Shower from Windknollen (2020.08.12)
Melsi: Hiking to Leuchtenburg (2017.05.27)
Nikolai: Hiking in Sächsische Schweiz (2019.03.17), Fuchsturm-Ziegenhaim (2019.09.19)
Roman: Biathlon/Wanderung in Oberhof (2020.01.12), Hainicher Nationalpark (2020.08.30), 50 km around Jena (2020.10.03), Hike to Rudelsburg, Bad Kösen (2020.10.18) Hiking and cleaning nature at Weidenberg (2020.10.24)
Saeed: Hiking to Schloss Ettersburg + Zwiebelmarkt Weimar (2017.10.15), Schönstes Dorf Deutschlands - Schloß Tanndorf Loop (2018.05.12)
Sandro: The Goethe Trail (2017.05.07)
Waldemar: Hiking to Bismarkturm (2019.06.01), Valentine Hike (2020.02.15)