2021 Summary

Our video of the activities

We created a video by using our own or our participant's photos of that year. It gives you a short summary of an eventful year and keeps the memories alive for us.

What made 2021 special?

The biggest nice changes of this year:

Group Hikes

We had 54 classic group hike events:



We had the pleasure to have these people as organizers or co-organizers of our events:

Andreas, Ashish, Gabriele, Kate, Liza, Marco, Marek, Mark, Paulina, Raihan, Reza, Roman, Sevinç, and Wenzel

Photo Competition 2021


We had a photo competition at the end of the year in order to review the events and find the best shots based on everyone's voting. Here are the results: For each category we have 3 winners. You can find the photos and the name of the photographers for each category below.

Best Photos


Humans and Participants


Fun Photos