January 2018

Organized by Sevinç

number of participants: 25

For the first hike in the new year, we decided to visit one of the most famous castles in Thuringia, the Leuchtenburg castle. We were a very big group (mostly new people) and started near sunset. We did not visit the castle, but instead we had a very nice time at the coffee shop next to the castle with a nice view to the castle.

On the way back, it was totally dark and in order to no one get lost, we paired up and climbed down the mountain with the torch and taking each other's hand. Like kids!

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 7

A snowy cold hike from Lobeda Ost over the Fürstenbrunnen until the Fuchsturm had a warm atmosphere.

Close to the meeting point tramstation Schlegelstr. some people bought food in the grocery store Netto as Reza recommended. After starting the hike we crossed Drackendorf and went up the hill to the castle Lobdeburg to enjoy the view on the swnoy scenery.

Later we passed the Sommerlinde, Fürstenbrunnen and Steinkreuz. Then suddenly some people had a funny but amazing idea: They built a snow women on a meadow!

The way continued to the Fuchsturm and we ended up in Wenigenjena. Most of the people decided to have dinner in the restaurant "Daheme" in the famous street Wagnergasse. It was a cozy evening.

Organized by Sevinç

number of participants: 10

We had another evening hike, starting from Rothenstein towards Jena. This hike is classified as a difficult hike as we walked for more than 15 km with not many breaks. The group was so funny and open-minded.

We arrived to Jena at night and finished our trip by having a pizza together.