Route 1

Route 1: Romantic Sunset Tour

Starting point: Griesbrücke

Visiting points:

End point: Zwätzen

Hiking Length: 10.17 km


[Reza]: Easy and nice way. I went in winter and it was nice to walk back in dark night. Nice place to see the sunset.

[Andreas]: After plain roads, there is a steep exciting and wonderful way for going up to the Kunitzburg ruine. On the way you should enjoy the views and especially on the peak.

[Raihan]: A great track hugging the mountains. Good for an easy stroll.

[Thiemo]: You have many great views here. On the way to Kunitzburg there is a bench with a wonderful view. Its perfect for a nice lunch break. A similar view is found at Kunizburg. A nice reminder of the great buildings from history.

[Coxca]: Romantic... it is true!