September 2017

Organized by Sevinç

Number of Participants: 16

It was a very nice day at the famous lake of Thuringia. We walked in the eye-catching nature and reached to a point with a nice view over the lake.

We made a very small fire and took a lot of nice pictures. Some people even had their swimsuit with them and went for swimming in the lake.

It was a difficult hike and at the end we had some problems with the bus connection, however its nice memories stay forever in our mind.

Organized by Reza

Number of Participants: 7

We had a very funny group, where Pouya from Austria joined us during his visit of Jena. We had also a person from Erfurt.

We walked from Bad Berka to Paulinenturm and from there to Weimar. On our way, we had a small yoga training in the grass and then we met accidentally a traditional ceremony where they made a big fire. At the end of the trip when we were waiting for the train for a long time, we tried to make a dubsmash of an Indian music. But the final video has not published yet. It was a very nice day and we luaghed a lot.

Organized by Reza

After arriving at the Station of Weimar we decided to walk through the wonderful city until the Ilm-Park.

Continuing the hike from the Castle of Belvedere we entered the forest and saw one of the towers of the Drei-Türme-Weg.: The Hainturm.

On the way back we visited interesting buildings of Weimar like the Roman House in the Park and the Bauhaus University.

It was the first hike Andreas joined. Since he was motivated and told details about the hiking group by Reza , he started organizing hikes later.