Route 24

Route 24: Andreas' Kernberge Walk

Starting point: Sportforum Tram Stop

Visiting points:

End point: Jenertal Tram Stop

Hiking Length: 5.37 km


[Andreas]: A short hike to the Kupferplatte: It crosses idyllic garden plots, includes small adventurous pathes and a part of the "mittlere Saale-Horizontale" with wonderful views on Jena's center and turf Kernberge. Very recommended for seeing the sunset from the Kupferplatte-view point or at the horizontal hiking-path!

[Diandian]: This short route is easy to accomplish. It is suitable for every, especially for people who want to have a first sight of the city Jena because Kupferplatte is a good place to gain the best sightseeing. The beutiful paths and the fresh spring water help people to fly the mood to harmonize with the nature. (31/12/2020)