April 2019

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 16

A good weather gives us always a good chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset. We decided to go to Jenzig for that reason.

There were many new people in this hike and we took a lot of beautiful pictures from the sunset. We walked back in the night with our torchlight.

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 3

we decided to go for a sunset hike, but the weather changed suddenly to a very bad weather. Hence finally only 3 people joined out of 13 people who initially showed interest.

We decided to change the plan, so we went shopping to a supermarket and after shopping, we went to Reza's home to cook very delicious food. We had a very nice conversation and a very nice evening.

Organized by Sevinc

number of participants: 12

Organized by Reza

number of participants: 8

We started our journey from Bad Berka. At the beginning, we went to a shopping and bought all the staff for grilling. We walked in the forest and visited Paulinenturm as our first destination. On the tower, we had a very funny pose photoshooting, but the photos have not released yet.

In the following, we walked in the forest and we stopped somewhere for grilling and having lunch. We were so lucky, because only few minutes after our grilling, a heavy rain started. We walked in the rain and finished our trip after walking next to big fields of Rasp flowers and reaching the Belvedere castle.