Important notes

ūüí° your bike should have proper light in the night, working bell, and safe brakes. If you are checked by Police, you will get a fine

ūüíĒ Riding two people on one bike is forbidden and has the fine of about 25 Euros

ūüõ£ÔłŹ You are allowed to ride bike only on the areas signed specifically for bikes

Where to buy a bike?

If you do not want to buy a new bike, you might find a second-handed bike on the websites like ebay-kleinenanzeigen

ūüďÖ The best time time period for buying bikes might be in September or March when many people are leaving Jena and selling their staff.

ūü§ď You need to make sure that the bike is working properly and for that you need to ask for help. Soon we will add a feature to Dude to help you to find experienced people from hiking group.

Where to pump your bike?

There are several possibilities to pump your bike:

ūüí® at the west end of Wagnergasse [map]

ūüí® west entrance of Neue Mitte [map]

ūüí® at many bike shops (they offer for free. Just go and ask!)

Where to repair your bike?

ūüĎ®‚ÄćūüŹ≠ On monday evening you can come to the garage to get help and spare parts for your bike. [link]

ūüõ†ÔłŹ In case you need to do small repairments, next to the Main Entrance of Neue Mitte (shopping centre) there are some free tools. [map]