My city Jena


Ernst Haeckelis one of the most famous German zoologists and scientists who did astonishing work in the field of biology and discovering new species.

As he worked and died in Jena, this stone is his memorial which is located next to one of the most beautiful viewing points in Jena.

If you start from bus stop "Beutenberg Campus", you need only half an hour to reach this point. So it could be a good destination for a short hike. But if you want to walk longer, you have the freedom to continue further in the Jena forest.

Here are some suggested routes which passes through this point. You want to add your own route, contact us. It is very easy and we will register it with your own name.

Route 5: Tower's Route

visiting Ernst-Häckel-Stein, Forstturm, and Bismarckturm

Hiking length: 7.87 km

Route 9: Forest Tour

visiting Ernst-Häckel-Stein, Coppanz, Nennsdorf, and Ammerbach

Hiking length: 11.12 km

Route 44: Kelly Cycling route 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴‍♂️

visiting Bismarckturm, Forstturm, Soviet Barracks, Ernst-Haeckel-Stein, Coppanz

Hiking length: 31.24 km