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The 40 m high church tower of St. Martin can be seen from afar. As an alternative to the road coming from the city area, you can reach the village without traffic through the Kunitz house bridge over the Saale.

Situated on the spur of the large Gleißberg, the ruins of Kunitzburg Castle catch the eye. Directly below on the slope is a wine-growing area. The wooded Jenzig rises slowly to the south. The fields in the small valley appear in full splendour in spring with the rape blossom. The village of Kunitz, like Laasan in the forest area Hufeisen (means: horseshoe), is a place with a varied natural environment. There are three guesthouses and a restaurant in the newly built village, which is a popular starting point for hikers.

Route 19: Romantic Roman

visiting Kunitz, Laasan, Kunitzburg, Beutnitz, Golmsdorf

Hiking length: 13.71 km