July 2019

Organized by Aschraf

number of participants: 4

The Lake of Alperstedt is situated north of Erfurt. So 4 motivated hikers walked from the very northern part of this city. After crossing many fields we finally reached this lake where two of the people swam. The funny part was a swan-bird which attacked us.

Organized by Reza and Andreas

number of participants: 16

We already knew this amazing giant lake surrounded by green hills. So Reza planned a trip there for a warm summer day. After arrival at the train Station of Kaulsdorf, Andreas helped him finding a nice way through the forest and over a hill where we had an amazing view.

Finally we arrived at the dam with the Hohenwarte lake behind and we were renting pedal boats. This was a lot of fun because we sometimes approaches on other boats where we jumped on. Also we could swim just by jumping from the boats.

Since it was very sunny, some people prefered staying in the shadow or took an umbrella as a sun protection, what was confusing for the German attendees. For going back, we took a sidewalk along the street. It was an unforgettable day!