Sound system

We have a large sound system which can be used for the parties and events organized in our group.

Our sound system is JBL Partybox 110 and is bought with donations from participants.

For which events the sound system can be used?

The sound system can be used for:

  • public events like grilling, parties, gatherings

  • Project events like dance classes

  • Private events in our group

  • private events for the people who donated for the sound system

Who can borrow the system for the private event?

The sound system can be lend to people who donated at least 10 Euros for buying it. However, there are some conditions which should be fulfilled:

Reliability: We need to trust you and make sure you won't make any problems for the system. For this we might ask you for a deposit which will be given back to you after you return the item. The type of deposit depends on how much we know you.

Punctuality: You need to return item back to us on time according to the agreement. Late returning the item can make problems for future events as the item might need to be charged. To insure this, we might charge 2 Euros per day for late return.

We do our best to support you for your events; however, there is no 100% guarantee that we lend you the system as we paid so much money for it and many of our events depend on it. In that case, we are very happy and ready to give back your donation.

How should I donate?

You need to contact us and we will guide you.

Returning back the money:

In case you are not happy with these conditions we are ready to give back your donation if there are new donations left from new people in Jena. This offer is valid till 30.04.2022.