Events in 2021

September [under construction]

4. Sunset at Leuchtenburg and night picnic with exciting view [FB]

5. The underworld of the gnomes - Feengroten - Hike in a magical forest

11. Fuchsturm 🐿🏰 - FunkTurm ⚡🗼[FB]

12. Chill Potlock Sunday [FB]

25. Hidden beautiful landscapes behind Kunitzburg! [FB]

November [under construction]

06. From Palace Belvedere to Bad Berka 🏰🍁 [FB]

07. Lazy Lobeda Hike [FB]

13. Hiking to Ohra Talsperre [FB]

13. Hiking From Lobeda to City Center [FB]

14. From Bad Kösen to the Castles [FB]

20. Hiking to three castles Drei Gleichen [FB]

21. Visiting Steinbruch (and swimming in Galexsea) [FB]

December [under construction]

05. Discovering North of Jena [FB]

18. Hiking to Kunitzburg [FB]

30. Visiting the Museum of Heidecksburg [FB]